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Once a Castle, Home is Now a Debtors’ Prison

Forget the notion of the home as “castle.” Twenty-two percent of Americans owe more on their mortgages than the value of their homes. Nicolas P. Retsinas offers ideas for how these “debtors’ prisons” can be turned into productive housing.

Is Support for Small Business Misplaced?

Is support for small business overhyped as a panacea for our economic troubles? Recent research suggests the advantages of bigness when it comes to employment and economic development. If so, asks Professor Jim Heskett, what does this mean for government policy?

Featured Cases

JetBlue Airways: Deicing at Logan Airport

by Douglas Fearing, Robert S. Huckman

In the winter of 2009-2010, JetBlue’s flight network was impacted when a lack of deicing capacity in Boston forced the cancellation or delay of a significant number of departing flights. That experience, combined with substantial scheduled growth for the following winter, led JetBlue to explore multiple deicing capacity expansion options.

Magna International, Inc. (A)

by Timothy A. Luehrman, Yuhai Xuan

Magna International, Inc., a Canadian-based automotive parts manufacturer, is considering whether and how to unwind its dual-class ownership structure. What are the potential benefits? How can Officers of the company fashion a transaction that will end the family’s control and win the approval of both classes of shareholders?

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